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About Me and My Blog

Bonjour! My name is Zvi Chazanov and I’ve been passionate about France and its culture since childhood. I’ve stopped counting the amount of times I visited France and when I don’t travel there, I read, write and dream about it. 

This passion brought me to launch Francophiles Anonymous in 2013, which soon became Israel’s leading French tourism and culture blog. The blog contains recommendations, itineraries and other useful information for people who planning their vacation in France.

The blog is currently written in Hebrew but feel free to check it yourself. Google Translate does a pretty good job these days 🙂

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פריז ואיל דה פראנס 
(Paris and Île-de-France)

בורדו פריגור וחבל הבסקים Bordeaux, Perigord & Pays de  Basques

צרפת למטיילים

(France for Travellers)

פריז טיפים למטיילים

(Paris – Tips for Travellers)

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I would be more than happy to visit your region or business and write a special post about it in my blog. This post would be promoted via my FB page, Instagram and email. This will allow it to reach thousands of potential tourists who love France and are looking to discover new places.

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The best way to gain an audience is to become an authority in your field (I know this because it worked for me 🙂 ).

So, if you are a specialist in your field (for example: you work for a regional tourist board and know all the secrets of the region) then you are more than welcome to publish your post in my blog. Don’t speak Hebrew? No worries. Send me the post in English or French and I’ll take care of the translation. 

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